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School Holidays Finally Finished?

Back to School Dry Cleaning and Alterations Tips

Back to school time can be stressful for most parents as they frantically shop for supplies and clothes. Fortunately, when armed with some helpful tips, parents can better prepare themselves for any unexpected clothing surprises and help salvage their children’s clothing with the help of a dry cleaning and alterations treatments. With our company helping you, your back to school stress can be alleviated, which will help save time and money.


When your children go back to school, they’re will always be open to any kind of stains, which they don’t normally come across in the summer months. Being armed with the knowledge of how to properly treat and remove these, which can range from marker pens, pencil, glue, etc., will help you preserve and protect your children’s clothing, so they can last until the end of the season.

To be able to properly treat pen or marker stains, soak them in a stain treatment overnight. For pencil marks try using an eraser before resorting to pre-soaking. However, use only a clean eraser or you may just end up spreading the stain more. Stains can be challenging, more so when you are unsure how to treat them, which is why you should bring them to us. We will properly treat the stain to ensure it is completely eliminated.


We all know kids grow like weeds, which sometimes means hand me downs are used for large families. Even without having this type of clothing, children can wear their clothing for longer, with the help of our alterations team. Alterations are an excellent alternative to buying an entire wardrobe every couple of months. We can alter the likes of pants, which your children may have outgrown and make them into shorts for summer months, or change long sleeve shirts to short sleeve ones if they no longer reach your children’s wrists.

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