Dry Cleaning at Its Best

Are you looking for a company in Pasadena, CA that delivers excellent dry cleaning services? You may have searched the web for companies with great reviews, but it seems that you cannot find one. Fret not because Green Street Cleaners is here to help you. Working moms in Pasadena, CA rely on us for this. Then they would recommend our services to their friends. So if you are wondering how we managed to earn their trust, you should pay close attention to what we say.

Dry Cleaning

When we accept your load of laundry, our first step would be to inspect them. This might seem to be an unnecessary step since most clothes are safe to dry clean, but we need to do this to determine the clothing material, as well as to see if there are stains on it. So once we are done with that process, we will put them in a dry cleaning machine. This is an equipment that is very similar to a regular household-type washing machine, but it also has some functions that make it identical to a clothes dryer.

We will put them in the extraction chamber, commonly called as the drum. The drum has a horizontal perforated drum that will rotate within an outer shell. We will also fill it with our own non-toxic solvent. We can give a hundred percent assurance that we are not using any poisonous substances in our dry cleaning services. We will fill up one-third of the drum with this solvent. We need to keep the temperature of the solvent at thirty degrees because we do not want to cause any damages to your clothes. We can then continue with the process.

So if you need your clothes cleaned, you should immediately ask help from Green Street Cleaners. We will be more than happy to help you out. All you need to do is call us at (626) 449-5057, and we will do the rest.