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Most Common Dry Cleaning Myths

What Important Information Can You Learn from a Dry Cleaner?

Dry cleaning is a process where chemical solvents are used to remove stubborn stains and to clean fabrics which are hard to be cleaned by a normal washing machine. They include wedding dresses, suits, and other official apparels. Here are some important myths a dry cleaner can share with you:

  • All stains can be removed. Not true. Some stains and spills cannot be removed at all. It is understandable for everyone to want these accidents to go away; however, even with the modern and most advanced methods and techniques, this is simply not possible. Successful stains removal largely depends on the type of stain and fabric.
  • Apparel labels always give correct information. Not true. Most manufacturers never test their garments, and they attach labels just like that. In order to understand them, you need to have knowledge of symbols and instructions.
  • Club soda can remove stains. Not true. If that was true, all the cleaning machines would have been full of that substance. In fact, club soda does nothing except to make the stain worse.
  • Clothes get much cleaner by putting more detergents. Not true. Actually, in the dry cleaning process, no detergents are used but solvents.
  • It is customers’ fault that garments are damaged. Not true. Even though specialists try their best to perform quality dry cleaning, mistakes can happen due to wrong labels or wrong care instructions, for example.
  • It is OK to store your apparels in plastic bags. Not true. Experts put them in plastic bags only not to splash after cleaning. They advise that your garments need to breathe and removing the plastic bags is recommendable in order to avoid humidity and lose odor from chemicals.
  • Your apparels are washed separately from the others. Not true. Several people’s clothes are cleaned together.

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