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Moved House and Need to Find a Reliable Dry Cleaner?

How to Spot a Professional Alteration & Dry Cleaning Service Provider

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable alteration & dry cleaning service provider is a must in this day and age, due to the fact many clothes are now dry clean only. There are several ways to identify a good dry cleaner. One should examine the level of service provided, the timeliness with which services are done, the appearance of your clothing once it is dry cleaned, and the extra services offered by them. You should also consider looking for green dry cleaners who use carbon dioxide instead of chemicals.

Customer care is an invaluable part of every dry cleaning service. You should note how friendly the staff is, in addition to knowledge and experience. Will they, for example, write down any special requests you may have? An experienced dry cleaner must emphasize their cleanliness by ensuring their store front is clean and tidy. You after all, you do not want to place your clean clothes on a dirty counter.

Timeliness is also important when choosing an alteration & dry cleaning service. If the dry cleaners give you a specific time and date to pick up your clothes, they should be ready at that specific time. Furthermore, your clothes must be neat, with no stains. They must also smell and be pressed properly. The dry cleaner of you choice should also inform you when a stain was impossible to remove, and customer satisfaction must be supported with a money back guarantee warranty.

Some dry cleaners also provide mending or alteration services; however, this is usually done at an extra charge. Because clothes can be torn and ripped on occasion, a dry cleaner must also provide these services. Tailoring services are an added extra. Furthermore, any clothing taken in perfect condition must be given back in the same way. The dry cleaner must never charge for damage done to your clothing which happens whilst with them. So, if a button pops off, the dry cleaner must reattach it themselves.

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